iCloud Keychain password manager added in Windows iCloud 12.5 update

Apple launches its new iCloud version for Windows, and one of the notable additions is the password manager app iCloud Keychain.

Windows users on iCloud can now access their passwords, as well as check user names and passwords and delete, copy and paste, add or edit them. Apple mentioned this feature before but it’s only now that the app has been integrated in the Windows environment.

Current iCloud Keychain extensions for Chrome and Edge work well with the update. iCloud passwords are auto-filled just as they were in Safari, and passwords and usernames are auto-added to the Passwords app once it’s installed. Passwords are transferred via encrypted channel and into a secure database.

Windows’ iCloud 12.5 update is now available, and Windows users can get it from the Microsoft Store. iCloud for Windows allows users to gain access to their iCloud emails, photos, files and others using a Windows device.

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