iDOS 2 emulator app taken out from App Store


Apple has removed iDOS 2, a popular emulator app from the App Store with the premise of violating the platform’s guidelines.

iDOS 2 Emulator App

Guideline 2.5.2 states that apps must be self-contained and are not allowed to write or read data outside its container area. Furthermore, apps are not allowed to execute, install or download code that changes it or other apps’ functionality or features.

iDOS 2 is a popular app that emulates DOS on iOS to allow classic games to run. Furthermore, it can interact with other apps or run Windows 3.1 via gamepad, mouse and keyboard. Recently, it introduced a new update where users could run custom programs and games via import files on iTunes File Sharing and drew the interest of Apple’s app reviewers.

Chaoji Li, iDOS 2 developer was sent a letter of notice saying how his app allowed importing games via image and package files, which went against the platform guidelines. Li mentioned that the recent iTunes File Sharing update will not be removed as he considered it to be a betrayal for users who paid for the feature.


Samantha Wiley

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