iFixit reveals iMac teardown in video

iFixit has recently showed a teardown video of Apple’s newest iMac computer with M1 chip.

The unit, a mid-range iMac with 8 core processor, 8 core GPU and 8GB of RAM was the subject of the teardown. The video notes that the innards will be markedly different from the 7 core model as it has a different cooling system.


iFixit mentioned how the iMac looked alarmingly similar to an ‘iPad on a stand’. The video showed an x-ray of the machine, with two metal plates taking up most of the interior. The company also notes that the antenna is no longer shaped like an apple.

iMac teardown

The new iMac has a classic adhesive that’s not as ‘goopy’ compared to the ones used in an iPad. The new model is unique from its predecessors due to the fact that there’s no metal chin and only a single glass sheet to protect the internal components.

The first part is available to watch on iFixit’s official YouTube channel, with the second part coming soon.