YouTube channel iFixit has recently uploaded a new video showing the newly-launched Studio Display and Mac Studio’s internal hardware components.

iFixit Studio Display and Mac Studio

The channel described the layout of the Mac Studio as ‘a Mac Pro that’s squeezed into a Mac mini’. Looking inside, iFixit confirmed that the SSD could be removed but as far as upgrades are concerned they are not sure. Memory modules are built in, which means future upgrades aren’t possible.

For the M1 Max Mac Studio, iFixit discovered a dual fan assembly and a large heatsink that ‘dwarfs’ its predecessor in comparison. Internally, the brackets, torx screws and connectors impairs user accessibility and ultimately, repairability.

iFixit lauded the heat management system and modular ports but complained about the built-in memory, non-upgradeable storage and buried fans. For repairability, the Mac Studio was rated 6/10. The channel also tore down a Studio Display and discovered that it looked similar to the iMac.


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