iFixit Teardown of the XDR display in M1 iPad Pro revealed


iFixit has recently uploaded a teardown video of the newly launched M1 iPad Pro. In it, the technicians get into one of the newest features, the mini-LED XDR display.

iFixit Teardown

The video reveals that the 5G antennas are placed on the sides, and a 40.33Wh or 10,566 mAh battery lies within. The display is shown to be thicker than Liquid Retina and a bit heavier, due to the tiny LED grid to improve display quality and contrast.

Inside the M1 iPad Pro are 2,596 dimming zones with four LED bulbs. In comparison, the former iPad Pro only has one LED strip on its side.

The official iFixit teardown video is available to watch on the company’s YouTube channel. However, the rest of the teardown, such as writeup, photos and scoring the device in terms of repairability is yet to be revealed. It’s most likely that they will be included in the follow-up teardown video.

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