Ikea Symfonisk picture frame speaker gets AirPlay 2 support

Ikea revealed its photo frame and speaker hybrid today and mentioned that it will support Apple’s AirPlay 2.

The Symfonisk picture frame is described in an online listing as ‘a WiFi speaker and picture frame in one’ Other products in the Symfonisk umbrella is the result of a partnership between Ikea and Sonos. Furthermore, each one has AirPlay 2 functionality right out of the box. This means Apple users can stream audio and control devices using the Home app and HomeKit.


The speaker-and-picture frame combo is 16 inches in width, 22 inches in height and 2 inches thick. The printed mesh cover is interchangeable depending on the user’s style and preference. Currently, Ikea has a white and black color option, with both having a price of $199.99.

The new Symfonisk product is not yet available to buy at stores or online, but the listing suggests that a launch is underway.