Should you buy the iMac or wait?

Apple has not updated the 21.5” iMac in a very long time now whereas the 27” iMac was updated just last year with new processors and some other important upgrades. The company is reportedly planning to release a completely overhauled iMac sometime this year. The new design refresh would mark the end of a ten year plus run of the current iMac design.

Last year, Apple updated the 27” iMac by adding the latest 10th Intel processors, new AMD Radeon Pro graphic cards, and more. The other interesting internal upgrade has to be with the webcam – the company has finally added a 1080p Full HD camera which will help improve the quality of video feed in online call meetings.

Should you buy the iMac or wait?

Major upgrades in the pipeline

In a world where the majority of the people are still working from home, it is very important to have a good quality webcam. The upgraded camera on the 27” iMac is really good compared to the previous generation 27” iMac. Apple needs to do the same on the other iMac models and other Mac laptops with the next releases.

The major problem with the iMac has to be the way the Magic Mouse chargers. Apple’s most badly designed products are the Magic Mouse – as it requires the mouse to be turned upside down to be charged. The Magic Mouse has a Lightning port on the bottom which makes it unusable during its charging period. If the battery of the mouse were to die during work hours, users would be left helpless unless a backup mouse is present.

Apple is very likely going to release a new iMac this year which will have a new design. According to Bloomberg, the new iMacs will feature a design similar to the Pro XDR Display – flat back and minimal bezels on the front.