Apple suffered a lot by ignoring the “Pro” community of its Mac users. For a while, the company had begun to focus mostly on the iPhone and the iPad. As a result, the Mac users felt left out and the company invited a couple of journalists to reassure its users that Apple was committed to the Mac.

iMac Pro 2020: Intel Xeon W chips, faster RAM

Since then, Apple has released the iMac Pro, the Mac Pro, and also a 16” MacBook Pro which has a keyboard that actually works. As we enter into the year 2020, the question is whether Apple will update the iMac Pro or not?

The iMac Pro was a quick fix to the problem of not having a “Pro” grade computer in Apple’s Mac line-up. The company took years to release the 2019 Mac Pro and to have something on the market that was fast and powerful, Apple chose to release the iMac Pro. It’s a great machine, offering value for money and in some cases, it’s actually a better choice compared to the Mac Pro as its an All-In-One (AIO) machine.

The iMac Pro is powered by Intel’s Xeon line of processors which are workstation class chips. While the first generation iMac Pro is still a powerful machine, there is a need for an upgraded machine with the latest internals.The latest Intel Xeon W Cascade Lake chips offer a lot of new features over the previous generation. For example, the chips support the latest DDR-T Optane DIMMs which supports speeds of 2933 MT/s whereas the previous generation chips supported 2666 MT/s.

It would also be interesting to see a new design for the iMac Pro. There is nothing wrong with the design of the iMac Pro or even the non-Pro iMac but its old. The design language used is more than 10 years old except for the fact that its thinner now.


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