Apple released the iMac Pro in 2017 as a result of the severe backlash it received from its Pro customers. The company had begun to focus most of its efforts on the iPhone and the services it offers. Steve Jobs had said that the iPad was a post PC device and that it would push users to move from the traditional desktop/laptop to the new form factor (iPad).

iMac 2019 [Image for representational purpose]

The iPad is by no means a failed product line but is rather a product that is subtly successful. It’s not like the iPhone which people update almost every year or two whereas people buy an iPad and use it for 5 to 6 years. Similar is the case with the Mac, most people use their Mac machine for years as the products are of high quality.

The iMac Pro will be three years old this year. The Mac Pro is great but the iMac Pro offers a powerful computer in a simple All-In-One (AIO) package and is fairly cheaper compared to the Mac Pro. Of course, the Mac Pro is much more powerful compared to the iMac Pro and it also offers better thermals and air flow.

However, not everyone wants to use workstation class computers nor do they want to have the basic Mac machine. The iMac Pro falls exactly in the middle – a sweet spot with very less compromises. A lot of YouTubers prefer using the iMac Pro as it offers the performance their work requires and the famed tech reviewer MKBHD also uses it as a portable machine as it does not require connecting components.

Its difficult to imagine what the next version of the iMac Pro will look like as its already perfect. But we could ask for thinner bezels on the front of the iMac Pro.


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