iMac Pro listed with only one configuration, set to be discontinued

Apple has downsized the iMac Pro to have only one configuration, which foretells that the model may be phasing out soon.

On the official Apple website, the iMac Pro is listed to only a single configuration- 32GB of 2666 MHz RAM, a 3 GHz Intel Xeon W processor, 8GB Radeon Pro Vega and 1TB SSD. The price of the model is $4,999 and there are no options to customize or upgrade from there.

iMac Pro

The website tells customers to buy the iMac Pro ‘while supplies last’. This change only applies to the main website but not 3rd party resellers.

Apple has not yet announced the model discontinuation, but the words ‘while supplies last’ and it having only a single, non-customizable or upgradable configuration usually means it will be discontinued soon. It’s not clear whether Apple will be introducing a new model or if the Cupertino-based company will be integrating it into its product line.

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