New iMac Pro powered by M-series chip could be released later this year

Apple unveiled the redesigned iMac at its ‘Special Event’ in April. It features a radically different design compared to the previous generation but still holds on to the big chin on the bottom front. The hype generator has to be the various colours the product is being offered in – a throwback to the first iMac from the Steve Jobs’ era.

The question now is when will the beefier and more “Pro” version of the iMac be released. It is clear that the 24” iMac is targeted towards the casual use-case consumers who use their machines for web browsing, light photo & video editing, and other similar fairly less power hungry tasks.  

New 24" iMac
New 24″ iMac

Transition in progress: Intel to Apple Silicon

Apple has already said that the transition of the Mac from Intel to its own in-house designed silicon will take two years. So, the “Pro” grade iMac must not be far from being released – very likely sometime this year. The company is known for holding a Mac and iPad event at the end of almost every year.

New iMac Pro powered by M-series chip could be released later this year

The upcoming iMac Pro will be powered by a powerful version of the M1 chip or an altogether new chip. Some have speculated that the powerful version of the M1 chip could be named M1X if the nomenclature of the A-series chips is to be followed. While some have also suggested that the next M-series chip would be named M2 but it very likely will be a successor to the M1 – a low powered chip for casual use.

Apple has discontinued the Intel based iMac Pro as the company continues to transition its products to its own silicon. A redesigned successor to the iMac Pro or just a powerful version of the iMac is very likely in the works and will release sometime later in the year. Also, it will surely have black bezels.

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