The design of Apple’s all-in-one desktop iMac has largely remained unchanged since 2009. The speculation was rife that the company would refresh the iMac lineup in 2019 to mark the ten years of the industrial design. However, the situation of the Mac has not been good at the company for a couple of years – the keyboard problem on the MacBook, lacks of updates to the Mac Pro, and more.

Apple likely to release a redesigned iMac in 2021

Well, there is one rumour about the Mac that seems plausible: Apple is reportedly working on a dedicated all-in-one gaming machine which could very well look like an iMac as it will supposedly be an all-in-one. The rumours suggest that the gaming machine will specifically be made for e-sports; no specifics on what strategy Apple will use to push the machine for gaming as the Mac has never been perceived as a gaming machine in the past.

However, Apple will also have to update its standard iMac to tend to the customers that use it for tasks like web browsing, light photo and video editing, streaming movies and TV shows, etc. The company will definitely update the iMac next year but the question is “will the update be incremental or a major one?”.

In 2019, Apple showed off a vibe that it’s trying to fix the mistakes it has made in the past and will focus on improving rather than bringing new things to the table at least for now. The company already has a lot of things to fix: a new 13” MacBook Pro with a scissor switch keyboard and a new MacBook Air with a scissor switch keyboard are required immediately. Also, the Mac Mini needs to be updated.

Judging from the state of Apple, we expect the company to refresh the iMac in 2021 or 2022. Apple will very likely work on improving the quality of its products throughout 2020 except maybe for the iPhone which will reportedly see a slightly new design.


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