The long-pending iMac redesign and ARM chips

Apple is working on bringing its own new A-series chips to the Mac. It would make sense for the company to show off the new iMac design with new internals as well. The iMac is due for an update this year but we may not see a radical design change as the company could very well be saving the update for next year when its in-house Mac chips are ready for use.

Disclaimer: Assumptions are purely personal and based on rumours/reports.

Shell Out $100 Less For The Ultra-Powerful 2019 iMac 5K 27-inch Model

The last Mac product to receive a major update was the 16” MacBook Pro. Apple ditched the 15” MacBook Pro to introduce the 16” MacBook Pro which is a slightly larger and heavier machine. However, the tradeoffs introduce a slightly larger screen with extra screen real estate, a larger battery, and better airflow to maintain the heat.

The iMac could be looking at a major refresh as well with increased screen sizes. A report by China Times recently reported that Apple is working on a 23” iMac for the masses by pricing it low. A budget iMac would be a great option to have as it will allow more desktop buyers to consider the iMac which has always been a tad more expensive than other machines (totally worth every penny usually except for the HDD version).

The upcoming 23” iMac may not be the radical new iMac we have been eyeing for a long time now. The design refreshes will very likely come in 2021 along with Apple’s new processors. However, it would be silly to rule out WWDC 2020 and Apple’s October event for this year as potential new iMac releases.

It is difficult to report anything concrete on the schedule of the iMac design changes as of now. 

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