Will Apple release a refreshed iMac this year?

Apple’s iMac is one of the best all-in-one computers in the industry right now and it has been for years. During one of the company’s keynote in the recent years, CEO Tim Cook had said that iMac was the #1 desktop computer in terms of customer satisfaction in the United States.

While the iMac is a great machine, the design of the computer has not changed much at all in years. The last update to the iMac in terms of design (sort of) was in 2012 when Apple made the iMac thinner. However, the last major design update to the iMac was way back in 2009 – the same design that is still continuing.

Will Apple release a refreshed iMac this year?

The iMac’s design is too good; it’s difficult to find anything wrong about it. Of course, the bezels on the front do look pretty outdated – it’s more about the looks than actually being a  problem. However, it would indeed help to have razor thin bezels as the iMac would be able to accommodate a larger display in a smaller form factor.

An update to the iMac is long pending. Also, Apple should completely ditch selling only HDD versions of the iMac. HDD versions include a slower 5400rpm hard disk which is extremely slow. Apple was one of the first companies to move to SSDs with the MacBook Air and it’s unfortunate to see them sticking with slower HDDs with the iMac.

The 2020 iMac if Apple releases this year will also very likely use Intel’s 10th generation processors. It’s difficult to predict whether the company will change the design of the machine as there is practically nothing wrong with it. It would be sweet if Apple could offer a Space Grey color option for the regular iMac as well. At present, only the two and a half year old iMac Pro comes in Space Grey.