Apple last truly updated the design of iMac in 2012 by reducing the thickness of the machine. Since then, the iMac has received minor updates such as an improved display and the obvious internal upgrades.


The iMac is one of the best desktops – not just in the all-in-one category. For years, the iMac had the highest customer satisfaction and the company touted it as the #1 desktop in the US. However, Apple has not been updating the machine on a regular basis for years now.

Since the beginning of the year, Apple analysts and leaksters have been reporting of an incoming iMac but there has been no release as of July 2020. Nonetheless, fresh reports suggest that the company is planning to release an updated iMac in August.

Latest Intel silicon not Apple silicon

The updated iMac will reportedly have a similar design to the current generation apart from the new internals. It has been quite sometime since Intel released its 10th generation chips and the iMac is set to receive the latest chips.

This year’s update to the iMac will be minor – slight internal upgrades and nothing more. Next year will reportedly be a completely different story for the iMac – a major redesign. Apple announced that it will soon move its entire Mac lineup to use its own silicon and the iMac is reportedly set to use the same next year.

The design of the iMac has largely remained the same since 2009, making it almost 11+ years old now. However, the design of the iMac is still iconic and interesting but it would be nice to see a fresh coat of paint.

Next year’s iMac will reportedly ditch the huge bezels on the front of the iMac. The bottom chin will also likely be trimmed heavily to incorporate a thin uniform bezel around the display – similar to the Pro XDR Display.


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