Apple has updated its mobile video editing app iMovie with new features.

iMovie on iPad and iPhone

iMovie update 3.0 is rolling out today, with huge updates for the iPad and iPhone. Storyboards are the newest addition to replacing blank timelines with 20 unique themes ranging from news reports to cooking tutorials and more.

Each storyboard will have a list of requirements that will be arranged to tell a story. Video suggestions, as well as placeholders, are included as well.

Within Storyboard, users will be able to reorder, delete and add shots, and integrate personal design preferences such as filters, fonts, titles and more. The app takes care of the music to fit the length of the video, while a degree of control is allowed for volume, trimming and splitting segments

Aside from Storyboards, Apple has added ‘Magic Movie’ for auto custom videos. It’s similar to Memories in that users can choose videos or images, then let Magic Movie identify and create the video.

iMovie 3.0 is available now and requires iOS 15.2 and later.


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