Incognito mode arriving on Google Maps iOS


Google announces that it will be bringing Incognito mode to the iOS Google Maps, which allows users to get directions without their information being stored.

This is the Google Maps on iOS with Incognito Mode .

This year, Incognito was added to Android Google Maps so users could manage, control and delete location data. While logged in, searched places are automatically added in Location History, which then lead to restaurant recommendations and others.

Now, when you’re in Incognito your iPhone will not save and record on Location History, and therefore won’t appear in the timeline. Restaurant recommendations will not be based on the search either.

Google is also adding a bulk delete option on the Timeline, a feature that relies on Location History to give users a glimpse of the routes and places they visited. The bulk deletion feature allows users to remove the places from their Location History and Timeline with one action.

The Incognito Mode update should be available now.

This is the Google Maps on iOS with Incognito Mode with information about the App.
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