Increase Your Hipster Cred and Save $10 With the Shargeek Retro 67 GaN Charger

Grab a cool retro accessory that can charge all your essential gadgets. Today, the Shargeek Retro 67 GaN Charger is down to just $69.99 from its original price of $80 on Amazon.

The Retro 67’s biggest selling point is easily its retro-themed shell. A Macintosh computer with the digits ‘67’ is emblazoned on the front, and the beige shell is easily recognized by people who lived during the era. As far as functionality is concerned, you get three USB ports with one of them being USB-C. High-speed GaN charging takes care of your laptop and smartphone, offering up to 67W when you need it.

Shargeek Retro 67 GaN Charger

Shargeek GaN charger’s adjustable dot matrix brightness screen is a neat feature- you can lower the brightness during nighttime for better sleep. Inside is an APS technology that prevents over-charging, overload, overvoltage, overheat, short-circuit, and more. Get the discounted Shargeek Retro 67 GaN Charger today!