Instagram feature ‘Reels’ launches next month

Instagram will be adding a feature that’s similar to TikTok’s, and will be released in the US on August.

Facebook has announced that they will be bringing the ‘Reels’ feature to Instagram, which is similar to TikTok’s short form video. Once released to the public, users can create and edit short clips with music soundtracks and audio.

Instagram users will also be able to share their Reels and add them to their Stories. The stored Reels can be viewed at the new dedicated tab within the Profile section. Reels made by public accounts may be viewed in the Explore page.

Facebook says the new feature is set to be released to 50 countries and seeks to replace TikTok as the most popular short form video platform. Recently, TikTok came under fire as it was revealed to have a close relationship with China.

Snapchat and YouTube have jumped into the short video bandwagon as well, with Snapchat testing TikTok style navigation and YouTube testing an in-app video feature.

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