Instagram says always-on camera in iOS 14 beta is a bug

Social media giant Instagram has been caught with an ‘always on’ camera even when it’s not being used.

With the advent of iOS 14 beta apps were caught spying on user clipboards. Instagram was recently found out as well, but developers say that it was a ‘bug’ that would be fixed.

iOS 14 beta users noticed that the camera indictor stayed lit even when they finished using the capture feature and were just using the app. Scrolling through the feed shows a green dot that means the app is accessing the smartphone camera.

Instagram says that the behavior is a bug, and that there aren’t any content being recorded or cameras accessed during that time. However, a spokesperson says they’re doing something to fix it in iOS 14.

The new privacy features in the new system has already caught the attention of the public but it’s still in beta phase and not available for general download. We can expect the release this fall.

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