Instagram’s new feature ‘Favorites’ Prioritizes feed from Favorited accounts

Social media company Instagram is reportedly working on a new feature that gives feed priority to accounts that are marked as ‘favorites’.

Currently, the Instagram algorithm relies on Facebook’s to show which images or content are put ‘in priority’. The algorithm depends on several factors, including user interaction quantity and the post’s popularity. However, must-see content from rarely-visited accounts may be missed out entirely.


With ‘Favorites’, Instagram users can now choose which content goes to the top of their feeds simply by marking an account as ‘favorite’. When this happens, their posts will take priority even if it’s rarely visited or less popular. The accounts that are marked favorites won’t be notified when they are added or removed.

It seems that ‘Favorites’ is currently under testing and may or may not appear in future updates. The social media company is undergoing significant changes to become more like TikTok than an image-sharing site.