Intel Reveals ‘Social Experiment’ in Newest PC vs Mac Video

Intel’s newest ‘PC versus Mac’ advertisement showed a social experiment featuring Apple fans who didn’t know that they were being described PC products.

The 4-minute video showed how 12 Apple enthusiasts were invited to a room that had the same theme as an Apple Store, then were told features of ‘upcoming’ Apple devices. However, those features were already on the market and sold as PCs.

The video ad showed the participants’ reactions when they were told that the features were already on the PC. Ryan Shrout, Intel executive, mentioned how people still didn’t know about the PC’s capabilities in a tweet.

The ad, titled ‘Breaking the Spell: Social Experiment’ is the latest in Intel’s ‘PC vs Mac’ campaign. Previously, Justin Long, who was known as the ‘I’m a Mac’ actor was in some of the ads of Intel’s #GoPC marketing campaign.

Intel’s ‘Breaking the Spell’ ad is available to watch on the company’s YouTube channel.

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