Intel taps Justin long for ‘Justin Gets Real’ ads

Chipmaker Intel has recently released a slew of ads that promote the PC over Mac on its official YouTube channel.

Justin Long was formerly tied with Apple in producing ‘I’m a Mac’ ads in 2000. Now, Long starts the videos with the same white background but with a new introduction- ‘Hello, I’m a Justin’ and proceeds to compare features between a PC and a Mac.

Justin Gets Real

The ads are half a minute in length and discuss various aspects of PC’s capabilities over the Mac, including multiple monitor support, PC gaming, 2 in 1 form factors and touchscreen support.

A typical PC requires a standalone graphics card from AMD or Nvidia. The new M1 chip on Macs use a 7- or 8-core integrated graphics card, which beats out most of Intel’s offering.

The new M1 Macs launched November last year and proved to be superior to Intel-based Macs. Apple is slowly transitioning away from using Intel processors with its Mac mini, MacBook Air and 13 inch MacBook Pro.