AR cards were hidden within Apple’s official WWDC event page as part of showing off the web-based AR format.

AR Cards

Apple has apparently come up with an augmented reality surprise, which it usually does in online event pages, and this year is no different.

Visitors can experience and interact with AR objects by tapping on Memoji characters using an iPad or iPhone to be presented a booster pack with the WWDC 2022 logo, which will be opened to show three cards.

The three cards feature different-coloured backgrounds and Memoji characters with a MacBook in front of them. Tapping on any card will allow the user to view the graphics from every angle.

Speculating on what could arrive and what’s presented can be based on these AR cards, but Apple does not usually hide hints in content such as these.

The WWDC 2022 event is ready to kick off June 6 and will be available to view on, Apple’s official YouTube channel and the Apple TV app.


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