Today marks the 20th anniversary for Internet Explorer for Mac. Former program manager Jimmy Grewal, who worked on the app said that the Internet Explorer 5 for Mac was the ‘most important release’ and the last one.

Internet Explorer for Mac Highlighted On Its 20th Year

Grewal’s blog post highlighted the IE for Mac and added a few insights on the developmental process. One of the things he mentioned was how the software was vital for both Microsoft and Apple, more for Microsoft as it was engaged in anti-trust concerns.

IE 5 for Mac was the first mainstream browser that displayed HTML standards correctly. Its engine, Grewal claims was completely made from the ground up.

In 2000, Steve Jobs took it upon himself to demonstrate the new browser at MacWorld. Interestingly enough, Jobs didn’t mention any of the talking points agreed by Microsoft and Apple. Ultimately, Internet Explorer 5 for Mac wasn’t as successful as they hoped, and Apple stuck with Safari in future endeavors.


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