iOS 12.4 Second Developer Beta Is Out


Apple has released their 2nd developer beta for the iOS 12.4, which can also be downloaded by public beta testers.

iOS 12.4

Developers and beta testers can now get a taste of the iOS 12.4 as it launches. Those who are registered can get the source straight from the Developer Center via the Developer Beta program or as an OTA update for devices that are using the iOS beta software.

The latest build beta arrived just after the first one was launched about a week ago on May 15th. As for updates and changes, the pickings are quite slim. Bug fixes, future services and performance updates haven’t made their way yet to the surface.

For the beta version, it can be downloaded at the Beta Software site, but Apple strongly discourages phone users from getting them on their main device/hardware as they are largely considered “mission critical”, unstable and may result in data loss and other hardware glitches. The rest of the world will have to wait until the official version comes out, hopefully in a few months.


Haider Ali Khan

Haider Ali Khan is an entrepreneur from Perth, Western Australia. He is the Owner and Editor-in-Chief of iLounge.