iOS 13 Allows For App Deletion In The Update Section

Apple’s newest operating system “iOS 13” will allow users on the iPhone and iPad to delete apps right within the update section.

Simply swipe the app you want to remove left, and the “delete” option comes up. Tap it and you’ll be taken to the standard interface to confirm or cancel the action. This newest addition makes for a convenient way to remove apps you don’t want without having to go to Settings or looking for the icon on the home menu.

iOS 13 App Deletion
Image Credits: MacRumors

The app update screen has been moved to make way for Apple Arcade. The new tab replaces the Update tab so users can see or access the upcoming service easily.

Apple has also added a new way to get to app updates- tap your Profile picture when you’re at the App Store, then scroll down to where it says Pending Updates and your phone or tablet will show you the most recent ones that took place.

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