iOS 13 Brings LED Pattern Setup On HomePod Devices


Apple’s latest iOS brings a new change to how HomePod devices are set up. Currently, HomePods’ setup process involves holding the iPhone right next to the device for a one-step wizard. Users would know if it was successful if the HomePod chimed.

iOS 13 LED Pattern HomePod

For iOS 13 users, setting up the HomePod will require a camera scan of the LED pattern found right at the top of the HomePod. This appears in the iPhone’s setup wizard and wouldn’t proceed until the image is successfully scanned.

The new authentication process may take longer but Apple has managed to remove a troublesome part of the wizard setup when audio pairing was a hit-or-miss affair due to conflicting noises.

HomePod users will have a few added features when the iOS 13 comes out, including the ability to recognize several voices, Handoff support and automations and shortcuts in the Home app.

iOS 13 and HomePod OS updates are expected to be released this fall.

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