iOS 13 is now running on more than 50 percent of iPhones

Apple’s advantage over Google lies in its formula of making both the hardware and the software. The company does not shy away from comparing Android and iOS’ latest version user chart. Once again, iOS 13 has quickly made its way to more than half the number of iPhones in the world in just 26 days since its release, according to Apple.

iOS 13 has been a buggy affair with Apple releasing pushing multiple updates every few days with multiple fixes. But it appears that the bugs did not stop the iPhone users from updating their phones to the latest version of the software. Apple uses the App Store user access data to analyze the usage of its iOS software versions.

iOS 13 unveiled at WWDC 2019

iOS 13 usage is skyrocketing

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Usage of iOS 13 is skyrocketing but netizens have pointed out that its adoption rate is slower compared to that of iOS 12 which took just 23 days to be installed on more than 50% of the devices. However, the numbers are a treat to the eye when compared to Android’s adoption rate. 

Google has not reported Android 10’s adoption rate since its release, something which the company usually does with a new release. The company appears to have stopped focusing on the numbers but its continuously working on ways to fix the fragmentation issue. Google recently announced that all the devices releasing in 2020 should be running Android 10.

The usual comparison

iOS 13 is now running on more than 50 percent of iPhones

On the iOS side, according to Apple, the data obtained from the App Store shows that 41 percent of the iPhones are running iOS 12 and the remaining 9 percent of the devices are running version of iOS older than iOS 12.

Apple has also reported that 33 percent of the iPads are running the newly released iPadOS which is slower compared to the iPhone’s stupendous rise to 50%.

We are now waiting for a report on how well macOS Catalina is faring with the users.