iOS 13 leaks reveals update will have a Dark Mode and a Thin Volume Panel

iOS 13

Apple’s next-generation new iOS 13 is expected to be unveiled at WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) in upcoming June and iPhone freaks are going crazy over this next level operating system. The company kept the features of this upcoming iOs 13 secret, but nobody can stop the rumors when they travel.

What’s this new operating system bringing us? That’s the question every iPhone lover is concerned about. What if we give you some sneaks of IOS 13?

The new iOS 13 will come up with the dark mode feature, which will allow you to experience a darker interface. This interface has its own benefits, like saving battery percentage and the phone screen will not eat out your eyes when you’re using your phone in your bed at night.

Here is a concept trailer of the iOS 13

People have always complained about the iPhone’s fewer options when it comes to social media platforms. Well, don’t worry guys, the new control centre will have your back. iOS 13 will also give you a thin volume panel in the screen’s side, just like Android. Let’s just wait for the release date of this next level OS, to get all features on our iPhones.

  1. What is it with a “dark mode?” Every Mac website with Mojave and know new iOS – Dark Mode. Dark Mode. Dark Mode. Dark Mode. Dark Mode. Dark Mode!!

    as if Dark Mode. is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Apple MUST implement a Dark Mode. How can Apple not make a Dark Mode, they scream. Who cares…?

    And I bet 99% if Mac, iOS users DO NOT care.

    1. With dark mode enabled, it doesn’t stress my eyes.

      Mostly at night. Since the dark mode feature came out with the macOS Mojave, my experience with the MacBook has completely changed. Despite it looking cool, its much easier on the eyes.

      I just hope Google and Facebook adds dark mode feature soon. As I work at night, this will surely reduce stress on my eyes.

    2. You couldn’t be more wrong.

      IOS user have been wanting this feature for a very long time, it helps with battery life, the overal look of the OS and less strain on the eyes. So to correct you. IOS users DO care.

      1. Really? So two minutes more of battery life justifies “dark mode” as the next coming of Jesus? Nope

        1. First of all, that “estimate” is very inaccurate. Dark mode would improve battery life ranging from an extra 30mins-2 hours. Why? Phones like iPhone XS and some Samsung phones have OLED displays. Why do you think Samsung has better battery life? Because of Dark mode.. Imagine that on IOS.. You’re looking at a very useful feature. A LOT of people will use it.

          1. I do not think a lot of people will use it. Most people do not know anything of their iPhones. Samsung too.

          2. Trust me. “Dark mode” has been requested by a lot of IOS users. Ever since apps have started adding a dark mode feature. I bet you won’t find many who don’t use it.

            I guarantee.. when IOS 13 releases, dark mode will be used as primary for most users.

    3. Yeah, pretty much all of us care. Dark mode is honestly a huge deal. White text on black backgrounds is the best for your eyes, we’ve known this for a long time, yet software is just now solidifying it as an actual option, even with how easy it is to implement.

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