iOS 13 rumored to introduce Dark Mode

Apple’s iPhone and iPad operating system iOS 13 will be officially released in early June. It is predicted that iOS 13 will introduce loads of significant features and improvements, many of which were originally designed for iOS 12, however, Apple reportedly did not introduce them to further improve the user experience.

iOS 13 Dark Mode

iOS 13 rumored to introduce Dark Mode

Dark Mode has become the most discussed feature in iOS 13. Since OLED displays are more common in low-priced devices, developers are also rapidly developing their apps to support dark modes. Tech Giants such as Google, Samsung, Xiaomi, and other OEMs have started to deliver system-wide dark themes and Apple will follow them with iOS 13 release in June.

Rumors about Dark Mode in iOS 13 began last year, but a reliable source just recently verified that the new feature will debut in the very first iOS 13 release. Dark Mode’s development is assumed to have been accelerated by “unforeseen UI improvements” from Apple’s rivals. This is probably Samsung’s new One UI, which among many other new features and improvements, features a system-wide dark theme.

Apple introduced Dark Mode in macOS Mojave last year and will almost certainly imitate the idea in the next iOS iteration. However, in contrast to the design used in Mojave, which is dark grey with bluish tints, we are expecting for a predominantly pitch-black user interface.