iOS 13 to release on June 3 at WWDC 2019


WWDC 2019 kicks off on 3rd of June with the keynote. A week long where developers get to try tools Apple has worked on for a year. However, for consumers the most interesting release would be the new version of iOS.

iOS 13 will be unveiled at WWDC

iPhone being the most important device for Apple, people are looking forward to iOS 13. The company will also release the next version of macOS but its scale won’t be as much as iOS. More iPhones are sold than the Mac or any other device Apple makes.

Dark Mode on iOS 13

The most talked about feature about iOS 13 is the dark mode, following the leaks. Last year Apple unveiled the dark mode on the Mac and it’s pretty clear that it will follow to the iPhone. A system wide dark theme definitely sounds pretty interesting.

It’s been six year since iOS has been revamped; the last was with iOS 7 when Apple ditched the skeuomorphism in favour of a flat design. It wouldn’t have happened if Scott Forstall, head of iOS hadn’t been fired following the Apple Maps debacle. Post that, Jonathan Ive, Chief Designer of Apple hardware took the mantle of software design as well.

Will Apple actually change the UI and UX? Well, there haven’t been any leaks as such but it would nice if Apple changed the software design to match the behemoth size phones the company has begun making. The home screen has largely remained since the original iPhone and Apple could revamp it to display more content on large screens.

Apart from the drastic changes that people (and us at iLounge) expect, the most request change is to make the volume bar subtle. The volume box at present when summoned covers the majority of the screen real estate which is very annoying.

Join us on 3rd of June for more details on iOS 13!

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