A Bug in iOS 13 Gives Third Party Keyboards Full Access to the iPhone

Just a few days after its release, the iOS 13.1 is beset by a bug that gives third party keyboard apps control over an iPhone even when it’s deactivated. Apple’s support document outlines how these apps could capture what iPhone users are typing, but the good news is that the bug will be fixed in the next OS update.

The keyboard bug not only affects iPhones running iOS 13, but the iPod Touch and iPads as well. While the extensions are designed to run in a standalone manner, they may get ‘full access’ even when you’ve declined them.

Some of the more popular third party keyboard apps include the SwiftKey by Microsoft and Gboard by Google. To see what’s installed in your device, you can proceed to the Settings section, then General and Keyboards, then Edit.

iOS 13 now includes QuickPath, which eliminates the need for 3rd party keyboards.

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