App developers claim tracking changes on iOS 13 ‘Anti-Competitive’

Apple has made several changes for the iOS 13, which included location tracking permissions. As it turns out, app creators are not too happy about it and have asked the company to explain their decision in detail.

In iOS 13, the ‘Always Allow’ option for tracking location is no longer allowed. Users can choose ‘Don’t Allow’, ‘Allow Once’ or ‘Allow While Using App’. Seven company leaders have written an email to Tim Cook, Apple CEO asking for why the Always Allow option is not readily accessible. To clarify, the option can still be turned on but it does require a few more steps in Settings.

iOS 13 unveiled at WWDC 2019

The app companies further noted that users will think their apps are broken if they’re not savvy enough to get to the Privacy settings. They then proposed a two-step process that could lead the user straight to the setting.

In response, Apple mentioned that their aim is to make the App Store a trusted and safe platform for apps.