Apple’s Version of Tile Revealed in iOS 13


Apple may be launching their own tracking device similar to that of ‘Tile’, shown in iOS 13’s internal build. Further clues suggest that the accessory will be round and have the Apple logo in the middle.

iOS 13

Tagged ‘B389’, the device is expected to work closely with the Find My App in iOS 13, a new app that merges Find My Friends and Find My iPhone in one. The internal build contains a new tab called ‘Items’, where you can track personal belongings such as your wallet, keys or bags.

Using the Tile-like accessory will be simple- a notification goes off when you’re separated from your items. A button in the app will make the Apple tracker sound off so owners can locate it.

Sources are getting the internal build details on the June source, so there’s no guarantee that it will work as described above. We also aren’t sure if the tracker will be announced during the September 10 event.

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