Frequent tracking reminders on iOS 13 answered by Apple

Haider Ali Khan
By Haider Ali Khan - Editor-in-Chief
tracking reminder on iOS 13

One of iOS 13’s features is that apps wouldn’t have the ‘always allow’ tracking option unless the user agrees to it in the Privacy and Location Services in Settings.

Apple’s latest operating system reminds users of apps that track their location and shows a map of where they’ve been in the process. Moreover, there’s an on-screen alert that gives an option to ‘always allow’ or limit access while using the app.

tracking reminder on iOS 13

Frequent tracking reminders on iOS 13

Frequent tracking reminders on iOS 13

Some developers have expressed their concerns that these changes will hurt adoption rate. At the same time, users are saying that the constant pop-ups were annoying.

Apple has responded to these concerns, saying its business model isn’t built around finding customer and device locations, and that all its software and hardware are built to protect the user’s privacy.

Fitbit tracking reminder on iOS 13

Location Sciences, a data intelligence company reports that location data has dropped by 70% since iOS 13 was launched. In a world were privacy is a premium, this is certainly good news.

By Haider Ali Khan Editor-in-Chief
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