iOS 13 also supports a mouse and a keyboard [Video]

A YouTube video made by Napabar has shown the iPhone X getting an original Macintosh keyboard and mouse setup, which is a mock-up of what iOS 13 users will be getting when it launches this fall.

The channel shows how the iPhone could be hooked up to different accessories and peripherals, including a Kindle, a floppy disk and an iPod. The setup made use of an RJ11 telephone-style connector for the keyboard and a serial connector for the mouse, which was then plugged in a USB adapter. The adapter went to a hub, which connects to an iPhone stand via a single connection USB-to-Lightning conversion.

iOS 13 Mouse and Keyboard

Mouse and Keyboard Support on iOS 13

For those who’d like to try it out themselves, they would need to enable a setting in Accessibility called ‘assistive touch’, which will enable the keyboard and mouse.

After trying out a few Siri shortcuts, Napabar sent a tweet to Tim Cook detailing the video he made.