iOS 13.2 Signing Stopped after 13.2.2 Release

Apple has officially stopped digital signing of the iOS 13.2 after iOS 13.2.2 was released to the public.

This means that iOS users will be unable to download previous iOS versions, including iOS 13.2 starting today. The practice of stopping previous iOS iterations prevent Apple device owners from being able to go back after unofficial patches or jailbreaking practices.

In the case of iOS 13.2, there’s also a positive side as the version was riddled with issues, such as multi-tasking glitches, aggressive switching and management of apps and not having a mobile signal after a call.

The next iteration, iOS 13.2.2 fixed all the issues its predecessor had, and major ones like cellular data becoming temporarily available and unreadable emails caused by S/MIME encryption messaging problems between Exchange accounts.

iOS users are advised to update to 13.2.2 as soon as possible. Moving forward, iOS 13.3 is entering its second beta phase.

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