‘Lyrics to Live By’ Video Series Launched With Real Time Lyrics Feature on iOS 13


Apple has released the new ‘Lyrics to Live By’ video series along with real-time lyric feature on iOS 13.

'Lyrics to Live By' Video Series Launched With Real Time Lyrics Feature on iOS 13

The video feature showcases popular artists, including Hunter Hayes, Halsey and others who reveal the inspiration and the meaning behind their song’s lyrics.

On the series’ landing page there’s a curated list of songs from Julia Michaels, Jack Antonoff, Bebe Rexha titled ‘Modern Masters’ which comes with songbooks. Apple highlights the songs the artists have released and dedicated to other people as well.

Plus, a new feature in the Music App turns your favorite music into a pseudo-karaoke experience, complete with scrolling lyrics. Both ‘Lyrics to Live By’ and the lyrics feature are available once you’ve updated to iOS 13. If you haven’t updated yet, go to your iPhone’s Settings section, then update it to the newest version. Make sure your Music app is updated as well.

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