Sharing of digital Carkeys possible in iOS 13.4

The iOS 13.4 beta contained a new feature called ‘CarKey’, which allows users to unlock their NFC-compatible vehicles using their Apple Watch or iPhone.

Today, light has been shed on the sharing of digital carkeys, which gives vehicle owners the ability to share vehicular access to another person. The ‘keys’ are located in the Wallet app and can be used to unlock vehicles or shared via the Messages app.

Sharing of Digital Carkeys Possible in iOS 13.4

In the iOS 13.4 beta 2 version, the digital carkeys may be shared only on single conversations but not in group ones. The recipient can then use his or her Apple Watch or iPhone to unlock the owner’s car. Moreover, the digital key can be set to temporary (for mechanics or valet service) or permanent (for spouses).

Along with the digital carkey, instructions will be sent on how they can be used. The official unveiling and announcement of the CarKey feature is expected to be revealed on March 31.