iOS 13.1.1 fixes major keyboard and battery issues


iOS 13 release has been one of the most rocky software updates of the company in a while now. The release was bundled with major buggy elements in the OS. To quickly fix the issues, Apple preponed the release of iOS 13.1, a major update to iOS. The company also released iPadOS alongside iOS 13.1. After which, it was soon found to be that, third-party keyboard apps on iOS 13 and iOS 13.1 could potentially be able to access user’s data without any consent.

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Apple advised user’s against using third-party keyboards on devices running iOS 13 and iPadOS. The company is now pushing iOS 13.1.1 which will fix the keyboard security loophole on the iPhones.That’s not all though: there were many more performance issues on iOS 13 and iOS 13.1 which will be fixed with iOS 13.1.1.

Brings back lost battery life

iOS 13 unveiled at WWDC 2019
iOS 13 unveiled at WWDC 2019

Apple says that many iPhone users started experiencing faster than normal battery drains after updating to iOS 13. It also adds that, iOS 13.1.1 will fix such issues and return the performance of the battery to normal. Also, some users reported facing issues while restoring their iPhone from backup – iOS 13.1.1 will fix the same issue as well.

Other issues like slow syncing of Reminders app are also being fixed with iOS 13.1.1. While the iOS 13.1.1 update seems to fix many of the bugs found in iOS 13.1 (and iOS 13 as a whole), there are still many issues that need fixing. According to The Verge, another most annoying bug on devices running iOS 13 is “incorrect data connection information” – iPhone’s data may drop but iOS may continue to show full signal bars.

When will the iOS 13 bugs drama end? It appears to be a long ride.


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