iOS 13.7 no longer in sign circulation

Michael Wolff
iOS 13.7

Apple has officially stopped the signing of iOS 13.7 today, which means those who have upgraded to iOS 14 won’t be able to downgrade to it.

iOS 14 was recently launched in September 16 after spending 3 months in beta phase. Feature updates include the App Library, redesigned Home screen and widget support.

iOS 13.7

Going back to previous iOS builds is common practice among jailbroken iPhone users. Although hackers announce that they’ve cracked iOS 14, Apple has put in new security measures to make it harder to downgrade on newer devices such as the iPhone X and iPhone 8 models.

Another reason to downgrade is if the user experiences a bug or glitch after updating to the latest iOS version. If this is the case, then the option will be to wait for new one or roll back to a previous iOS 14 version, i.e., down to 14.0 from 14.2 beta.