iOS 14 adoption rate climbs to 81 Percent

Apple has recently shared its iOS adoption rate and gives the viewers a glimpse of how many iPhones have the latest Apple operating system.

According to the report, iOS 14 has been installed on 81% of iPhones that have been introduced over the past 4 years. 17 percent run iOS 13 and about 2 percent use older versions. As for all iPhone devices, 72% of all owners use iOS 14.

For iPads users 75% run iPadOS 14, while 22% use iPadOS 13 and 3 percent use older versions for devices introduced over the past four years.

The data was collected on the App Store on December 15, 2020. It’s worthy to note that Apple hasn’t released the data when it first outed the iOS 14. However, sources say adoption rate for iOS 14 was at around 50% during October which means a significant number of users opted to get Apple’s newest system update over the past few months.

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