iOS 14 to have a new multitasking view

Apple holds its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in the month of June every year. At WWDC 2020, Apple is expected to unveil the next major versions of its smartphone operating system iOS, desktop operating system macOS, and more.

A lot of leaked reports have already suggested that iOS 14 will be more open in terms of allowing third party apps to be set as default. However, new information has suggested that Apple is also considering tweaking some design elements of the OS.

iOS 13 will be unveiled at WWDC

iOS 14: New Multitasking view

iOS 14 could have a new app switcher (multitasking layout) as a leaked video of the operating system suggests. The tech blog 91mobiles and leakster Ben Geskin appear to have somehow gotten their hands on iOS 14. A video was leaked on 91mobiles’ website which shows the multitasking view on an iPhone.

The multitasking view in the video is similar to the UI of iPad’s multitasking view. iOS 13 multitasking view shows single app in a column, however the leaked videos suggests that multiple apps could be stacked in a single column to show more apps at once. 

Apple appears to be planning to provide users an eagle view of the apps they have open. It could make the process of switching between apps a little easier and quicker. At present, opening an app which was last opened “before 10 apps” requires the user to swipe a lot of times to get to that app in the multitasking view.

However, by giving users a wider view of the apps open in the background – an eagle view – could change the way users switch between apps. The leaked video was initially thought to be fake but since then, Ben Geskin has confirmed that the video is legit.

We will have to wait until June to know whether the new multitasking view will make it to the final release.