iOS 14 brings smarter Siri and improved UI


At WWDC 2020, Apple unveiled the next major features for its operating system that power its devices. The company released iOS 14 which brings various new features like App Library, Widgets, and a lot more along with improved Siri.

Siri could finally be useful

In iOS 14, Siri does not take over the whole display but appears as a small icon at the bottom. The results will also appear without covering the whole screen – offering a nicer compact interface.

However, when Siri is triggered the background is visible but it cannot be interacted with. If any other task is done when Siri is open, Siri will close. While the new layout of Siri is a welcome change, it does not improve the experience of using the virtual assistant.

Siri can also now answer more questions in iOS 14. It is able to handle more complicated questions and requests. The virtual assistant can reportedly answer more questions directly which previously would be redirected to web search results.

Siri can now also send audio messages – a feature that will be available on the iPhone and also CarPlay. It is also now possible to share ETA using Apple Maps with user’s contacts.

Apple has also increased the number of languages that Siri can understand. The company has also released a “Translate” on iOS which Siri will work with to give quick translations. It has been reported that Siri will work with more than 65 languages (pairs) to provide translations. Siri is a quick and easy tool to use for translation.

Similarly, Siri has also been tweaked on the iPadOS – the Siri icon will now show up on the right bottom side. However, similarly, users have made requests to Apple to make other apps be usable when Siri is triggered. 

Siri continues to get better every year with major software updates.

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