iOS 14.4 shows Privacy-Centric Tracking Prompts

Apple has recently implemented app tracking prompts that are centered around users’ privacy on iOS beta 14.4.

iPad and iPhone app developers are expected to implement permission requests to track user activity. On iOS 14 some users are already seeing the changes within the 14.4 version.

iOS 14.4

Just last week Facebook claims that Apple’s new policy is hurting small businesses, and was aimed more towards profit than privacy. Facebook has gone so far as to put in a full-page ad that accuses the company of making small businesses pay more and pad to Apple’s bottom line.

In response, Apple mentioned that the privacy feature was for users, who deserve greater transparency and control. Furthermore, the Cupertino-based company said it was about ‘standing up for our users’ and that they deserve to know when their data is being shared or collected to other entities.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation recently applauded Apple for its efforts and calls Facebook’s campaign ‘laughable’.