iOS 15 brings new “focus” features to manage notifications

Apple unveiled iOS 15 at the keynote of its annual developers conference WWDC. The company showcased some of the next generation features that iPhone users will be able to use later this fall. The most interesting feature has to be the “focus” features that help users manage notifications more aptly.

Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi emphasised on the need for better managing time in the current “work from home” situation. The new focus features in iOS 15 will help users to set preferences as to how they would like to be notified and when they would like to be notified.

iOS 15 brings new focus features to manage notifications

Battle the notification hell with Focus

It has become slightly difficult for most people to dedicate quality of time for both family and work at the same time. Previously, most people working in the corporate sector would go to their workplace and when back at home would be able to spend some time with family. However, the current situation requires people to manage both their work and family time at home which can be quite difficult.

iOS 15 brings new focus features to manage notifications
iOS 15 brings new focus features to manage notifications

iOS 15 will allow users to set different preferences for different time periods. For example, users can set to receive notifications from only people from their workplace and can also allow only select apps to be able to push notifications. During work hours, users can set apps such as Slack, Mail, and other such apps to only push notifications.

When iOS 15 is released later this fall, users will also be able to have a page on the home screen to match the focus periods. Doing so will only show work related apps to minimize distractions. However, if really required, users can go to the App Library for all apps during focus hours.

Apple devices work fantastically in sync with Continuity, iCloud, and other features. As a result, the new Focus settings will also be automatically applied to a user’s all devices.