iOS 15 gets back ‘Report a Problem’ option in App Store

Apple has added back the ‘report a problem’ button that was removed a few years ago in an effort to eliminate scams and flag potential problems in the App Store.

‘Report a Problem’ has been reintroduced in iOS 15, and clicking or tapping on it allows the user to report violations within the platform. They get directed to a website with drop-down options on the nature of their report, including one that says ‘report a scam or fraud’.

Prior to this users were redirected to Apple Support when they chose ‘report suspicious activity’. Also, they could opt to discuss ‘a quality issue’ if they made an in-app purchase or paid for the app.

The new ‘report a problem’ functionality is slowly rolling out to iOS 15 users and seems to be starting with free apps that offer in-app purchases and within the US. This functionality follows a new App Store feature where users could rate pre-installed apps, including Mail, Podcasts, Maps and more.

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