iOS 15 installation figures released


Apple has recently updated its iOS 15 adoption rate, giving viewers an idea of the number of devices that are using the latest operating system.

iOS 15

Over the last 4 years iOS 15 has enjoyed a 72% installation rate. Around 26 percent of users are still on iOS 14 while about 2 percent are on an older operating system. For iPhone models released four years back, adoption rate is such that 63% are on iOS 15, 30% are on iOS 14 and 7% are running older iOS versions.

For the iPad, adoption rate for iPadOS 15 has been lower. For devices released 4 years back, around 57% run iOS 15, 39% run iPadOS 14 and the rest are on older iPadOS versions. For all iPad models, the adoption rate is such that 49% are on iPadOS 15, 37% are on iPadOS 14 and around 14% are running older versions of iPadOS 14.

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