As iOS 15 enters the beta phase one particularly noteworthy feature stands out- the ability to drag and drop text and images across apps.

iOS 15

In 2017 the drag and drop functionality has been introduced to the iPad but it’s only now that iPhones will be getting it. Content will be duplicated and not moved when using the feature.

In the beta version of iOS 15 users can drag and drop a file, text or image by long-pressing on it and using a second finger to change apps. Once the second app is open the user can let go of his or her first finger to ‘drop’ the content. Visual cues and animations provide indications if the action can be completed or not.

Adding an item to drag can be done by tapping them using the second finger. The content will look as if it’s stacked on top of each other, which is then dragged to the destination app.

iOS 15 is set for a September release.


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